September 25, 2020 Friday

We are shipping all printed orders today. New online orders will receive their emailed QSL preview to look over.
Our office phone closes at Noon PDST today.
Have a great weekend and be safe out there !

September 24, 2020 Thursday

We are cutting sheets of QSLs today and Sue will start the packaging process. New online orders will receive their emailed QSL preview.
Respond to those emails quickly to avoid delays in processing your order.

September 22, 2020 Tuesday

We are finishing up our first printing for the week this morning. I will be cutting these sheets of printed cards into your QSLs.
Sue will begin packaging them for shipment on Wednesday..

September 9, 2020 Wednesday

We are printing today and glad to be back in our office. We spent some time
at our mountain cabin this last 6 days. I will be cutting the sheets of cards
Thursday morning and Sue will begin packaging those orders for shipment.