Friday 7/29/26

Completing our printing this morning and we will doing our final shipment for the week. New online orders being emailed their proofs to review.


Thursday 7/28/16

We are printing in the wee hours of the morning again due to the extreme heat we are having in this area.  Sue is taking the day off to celebrate her birthday so our
shipping will take place on Friday.

Tuesday 7/26/16

Finishing up our printing early this morning. Sue is packaging cards and creating shipping labels for shipment this afternoon.

Monday 7/25/16

We printing very early this morning due to extreme heat of 111 predicted for today. Emailing proofs for online orders received this weekend.

Saturday 7/23/16

Firsts off Happy Birthday to my twin sons Ray, W6EST & Jerry WB6CMH who turn 47 today.

On Thursday early morning hours we lost internet service for a total of almost 24 hours. The shipping schedule for Friday could not be done as we were not able to access in order to print our shipping labels. Our internet was restored just before midnight Friday night and we got the labels printed. Those orders originally scheduled for Friday and shipping today.
We also managed to get all online order emails sent out for review of proofs.

Tuesday 7/19/16

We have a large number of orders being shipped out today. New online orders will be emailed proofs to review prior to printing.  If you experience any problems with our website, please email the details to us using our website contact us form.

Monday 7/18/16

We are processing online orders placed over the weekend and will get those email proofs out today.  I will star printing approved proofs.

Friday 7/15/16

We delayed our shipping yesterday due to the approved proofs coming in. Sue is shipping today. To reorder your previous QSL easily, use the REORDER selection on the top menu bar
of our website pages. Avoid having to fill out the printing info this way.