July 29, 2018 Friday

Our final shipment for the week is going out today. We are emailing proofs to those who place orders online.  Our office closes at 12:00 PDST today.

July 28,2018 Thursday

We had a large shipment of orders go out yesterday, so if you ordered the end of last week or over the weekend most likely your cards are on their way to you. I am starting our last printing for the week today.

June 26, 2018 Tuesday

Finishing up our first printing for the week this morning.  Sue is packaging QSL orders for shipment on Wednesday. Emailing QSL previews to those who have placed orders via phone or online.

June 21,2018 Thursday

We started our second printing for the week and are printing all QSL card orders with approved proofs.  New online orders will be emailed their QSL preview to review. We are shipping all printed orders on Friday 6/22.

June 19, 2018 Tuesday

Emailing QSL card proofs to new online orders today.  Sue is preparing our first shipment of printed QSLs for week which will go out Wednesday priority mail.