Friday 1/29/16

All QSL orders received overnight have been processed. We will be emailing out those proofs this morning. We printed late into the evening to be able to ship those orders who had approved their proofs. Sue is doing our last shipment for the week this morning.

Wednesday 1/27/16

New orders are being handled promptly today. Follow up emails will be replied to asap. Received an order from South Africa this morning and international shipping charges are terrible. In this case, three times the cost of the QSLs. Beyond our control.

Wednesday 1/26/16

Shipping all approved email proof orders today. We will be doing maintenance on our website in preparation for our February Monthly Special QSL which traditionally has been extremely popular.
All emails will be responded to and new orders processed.




Monday 1/25/16

We began our first printing for the week this morning. New orders and emails are being replied to.

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Sunday 1/24/16

Processing new QSL orders through out the day. Sue is error checking all approved proofs prior to handing them over for printing on Monday.

Saturday 1/23/16

We have some last minute printing to do this morning and are trying to get these shipped today. We will be setting up new QSL orders and emailing proofs of those cards.

Friday 1/22/16

We are doing our final shipping for the week today. All new orders up until 03:00AM PST have been processed. I mentioned earlier this week new postal rates are in now with us. . Priority mail for Flat Rate shipping 100 QSLs has gone from 5.75 to $6.10.  250 FROM 9.97 TO $10.80 for East coast deliver.  We still have to make adjustments on our shipping calculator for other areas of the country and international orders. Keep in mind we do not mark up shipping cost. What you pay is what we are charged.

Thursday 1/21/16

Printing today and we will cutting sheets of QSLs and packaging them for shipment. New orders will be processed later this morning. Be sure to watch your email for our proofs. We do not print until you have reviewed your card layout and approved it for printing.

Wednesday 1/20/16

New QSL orders are being processed today and email proofs sent out. We will start setting up for printing again today as well. This afternoon the task of adjusting the website ordering process to the new USPS rate increase will be taking place. Remember we do not markup postal rates. Our website charges you exactly what shipping charge it cost us even though we have a lot of time involved in shipping your orders.