I have noticed we have dropped off the first page of Google search for QSL Cards. We held the number one spot for many years. Although you will not
see us there any longer since semi retiring, we are still here and eager to do
your QSL reorders. About the only thing that has changed is the USPS cost of shipping them now.
Sue and I look forward to hearing from you.

Hal K6RF & Sue WA6SUE

We are still around for reorders.

The search engines like google, msn, edge and yahoo are starting to move us down and soon we will not show up on your search for QSL cards.
Just want to let our previous customers know that regardless what shows up in your search we are still here ready to do your reorder as promised.
Hal K6RF & Sue WA6SUE

We are not going out of business !

Rumors are that we are going out of business. No we are only doing reorders for our 20+ years of previous customers now.
Sue and I just needed to slow down our pace. We are in our mid 70’s and it is just time to enjoy life a little more.
We will continue this as long as we can open our eyes. So put the rumors
to rest. You heard the facts here.

Hal K6RF


As of 10/29/2021 Approximately 12:30pm PST our website changed as we have been announcing here for REORDERS from previous customers only.
You will need to clear your browser history to view the new front page of Previous bookmarked pages may not work.

December 4, 2019 Wednesday

We have a large shipment of QSLs going out today.  Delivery times will depend on the USPS and their work load and of course weather across the country.
New online orders will receive their emailed QSL previews today.

December 3, 2019 Tuesday

Finishing up our first printing for the week.  Sue has begun packaging these for shipment. We will be emailing QSL previews to those who place online orders.