Sunday 12/20/15

Processing new QSL orders through out the day. Setting up to start printing on Monday.


NOTE: We cannot guarantee delivery of any order before Christmas. Delivery times have increased at least one additional day since last Thursday.

Friday 12/18/15

Final shipping of the week today. Last minute printing and packaging to get those which were approved last night out as well. New orders will be processed and email proofs sent.

Have a good weekend.

Thursday 12/17/15

New orders being processed this morning and doing final printing for the week. Sue is packaging orders printed yesterday for shipment Friday.


Wednesday 12/16/15

Due to anticipated slow down in the USPS mail delivery next week we must say we cannot promise any order placed will be there in time for Christmas. Normal two and three day delivery will change to four and five day all next week based on our past experience.

We will be processing new QSL orders through out the day.

Tuesday 12/15/15

Finishing up the printing this morning. Sue will be shipping all which was printed this afternoon.  I will be processing new orders and responding to email the remainder of the day.

Monday 12/14/15

Doing the layouts for new QSL orders this morning. We will be printing all approved proofs we have emailed for shipment on Tuesday.