Monday 4/20/15

Processing new QSL orders and sending proofs this morning. We will also start printing today for all those proofs which have been approved. Check your junk/spam folders for our email if you have ordered within the last two days. As of 11:45 utc all proof emails have been sent today.

Sunday 4/19/15

Processing new QSL orders today. Monitoring emails off and on through out Sunday.  Please check your email folders for our emailed proof of your QSL layout and respond. Remember we do not print your QSLs until all revisions or changes (if any) are done and you approve that email proof for printing. Next print day is Monday 4/20/15.

Saturday 4/18/15

We will be responding to emails today and processing new QSL orders. We will check our email at various times through out the day. Our office is closed for phone orders.

Wednesday 4/15/15

TAX DAY  time to pay uncle sam folks.

We are shipping orders today. Please note usps delivery has been running later than they indicate in the email you receive from them with estimated delivery date. Once they are in their hands we have no control over the time required to reach you. Usually delays are the result of weather. Sometimes misdirected sorting causes this. We cannot tell you more than what you see on the tracking info site at

Tuesday 4/14/15

Final printing this morning for approved proofs which will be shipped Wednesday. We are also processing new QSL orders today and responding to email questions.

Monday 4/13/15

Processing new QSL orders today and starting printing for those orders which have approved their proof.  Check your email for our email containing your proof if you have ordered within the last two days. Also check your spam or junk folders. We do not print your QSLs until we receive approval of your proof.

Saturday 4/11/15

Processing new QSL orders today. Next Print date is Monday 4/13. Get your emailed proofs looked over and replied to.  Remember we do not print until you approve your proofs and respond to them.