Friday 5/20/16

We have emailed proofs to all those who placed online orders last night.  Sue is preparing to ship our last shipment for the week today.

Thursday 5/19/16

Emailing proofs for all new online orders. Setting up for printing today and shipment on Friday.
Don’t forget to enter our Free QSL Drawing. Your chance to win 100 free QSLs of your choice !

QSL of the day Style DC208 which we call “Phone Operator” a very popular style with new hams.


Wednesday 5/18/16

We will be processing new orders though out the day. Watch for your emailed proof to review. Remember we do not print your QSLs until you approve the layout.

Tuesday 5/17/16

Emailing proofs for overnight online QSL orders. Preparing to print all approved proofs this morning.  Sue is shipping those printed orders out today.

eBay find of my first Bug

My dad bought me one just like this when I was a young ham in 1962. He paid $19.95 for it at a local electronic supply house (Peninsula Electronics) in Salinas, CA.  I was so happy to get it as it got me away from a straight key. I developed my CW speed on it and used this bug for many years.
This weekend I ran across one just like it on eBay and it was a had to have. So glad to have one again for if nothing else the memories it brings. Looks a bit dusty  but should clean up fine.


Monday 5/16/16

We are processing all orders received over the weekend this morning and emailing those proofs. Starting to setup up our first printing for the week this morning.

Friday 5/13/16

Yikes, Friday the 13th !  That won’t stop us from the normal business of emailing out your proofs to review when we receive your orders or Sue doing our final shipment of the week today.

Matt, N2MV, selected our Old Timer Series Style OT1, a remake of a very popular QSL in the 1950’s & 60’s.

Old Timer Series OT1

Tuesdsay 5/10/16

Finishing up our printing and cutting this morning. Sue is also shipping what we can get packaged today. Online orders being emailed proofs to review.