Update on our closing.

We need to clarify our previous announcement of closing our business.
After October 29th, 2021 We will not be accepting any new first time buyer customers. We will continue to do exact reorders for our previous customers who have ordered from us in the past. Your reorder must be for a QSL we have done for you. No new qsl style orders will be accepted.
If it looks like there is not enough reorders to make our cost of the website and supplies worth while we will then terminate our business entirely.
Service will be slower then your use to seeing as we need to have more free time for Sue and I to enjoy life and get in some operating time ourselves.

Advanced Notice To our loyal QSL Customers.


Sue and I will be closing our doors as of October 31, 2021
We have decided it is time enter our full retirement and start enjoying life.
Being in our mid 70’s and eyesight failing and the usual aches and pains of
old age doesn’t help either when you put in 12-14 hour days.
Please spread the word for us. The website will also have a posted notice when we start September 2021.
We both have enjoyed serving the Amateur Radio community for over 20+ years. We have only had one price increase in all those years despite rising
operating cost, not to mention ever lasting postage increases.
From the bottom of our hearts we thank each and everyone of you for letting us print your QSLs. Guys and Gals, we are tired and it is time for us
to enjoy life.
73, Hal K6RF & Sue WA6SUE

Wednesday July 28, 2021

First off, it is Sue’s birthday today ! Wish her a Happy Birthday.
We have been very busy and I have not posted here in quite awhile.
We just completed the largest print run we have ever done
in a single week !
Sue will start packaging these for shipment on Friday.