Tuesday 7/21/15

First printing for this week is done this morning. Cards approved prior to 9:00 AM PST this morning, will ship tomorrow. We will be processing new QSL orders and responding to your emails today.

Monday 7/20/15

We will be printing all approved orders today. I will be processing QSL orders and sending email proofs. All emails  from  yesterday and today will be answered. Proofs approved by 4:00 PST will be shipping Wednesday. Sue – WA6SUE

Sunday 7/19/15

Hope everyone has a great Sunday. Hal is gone for a few days, so I will be taking care of your emails, orders and any questions. Everything will stay the same, printing on Monday and Wednesday, shipping on Wednesday and Friday. Sue, WA6SUE

Saturday 7/18/15

We are doing our final shipment of QSLs for the week today. We are one day later than normal due to a late delivery of cardstock by our supplier. We will also be processing new QSL orders and answering emails regarding our QSLs.


Friday 7/17/15

Shipping normally done today will be delayed until Saturday due to late delivery of card stock we use for printing. All printed QSLs will ship Saturday instead.

We will be processing new QSL orders today and responding to email inquiries Friday.

Your business is appreciated at www.cheapqsls.com


Tuesday 7/14/15

Completing our first printing for this week this morning. Will cut off  printing at approximately 09:00 PDST. Approve your proof to have your QSLs mailed this week. We will be processing new QSL orders and responding today.

Sunday 7/12/15

We will be away from our office today on a trip to San Francisco. We will be back this afternoon and catch up on all orders placed today and any email received.