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This Month's Specials are the Black Ink  State Outline &  Deluxe Color QSLs
Black Ink Monthly Special Style MS202   Color QSL Monthly Special MSDC202
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Special Color QSL

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QSL Description Cost Quantity
Monthly Special 1 100 QSLs Black Ink with front report 12.99
Monthly Special 2 100 Color QSLs with back report 26.95

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Each month we offer a different Deluxe Black Ink and Deluxe Color QSL at a reduced 100 QSL price. This is the only place on our website where these special prices appear so you should visit this page each month to see if your favorite QSL in sale. Your choice of card stock color and with the Deluxe color QSL you may also choose your callsign color. The Deluxe Color Special also includes a back report.

QSL Card Back report

The back report form is an option on the Standard and Deluxe QSLs. It is included on our Deluxe Color QSLs. They can be mailed alone using the address area on the right side. If you have specific needs for a report, contact us before ordering.

    Color: Left to Right Green - Blue - Ivory - Gray - White - Yellow

    These are close as we can present via computer to actual color.

    All the QSLs we print have this choice of card stock color.

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