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Our Blank Ink Monthly Special

Our Normal Work and Printing Schedule

We are a world wide web QSL business which has it door open 24/7 including all holidays. We never close in other words. It does however take humans, in particular Hal K6RF and Sue WA6SUE to answer your online or phone questions and to process your orders from start to finish.
Long hours are devoted to making this all happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Like everyone we sometimes have to vary our schedule for personal business or appointments which takes us away from the email or phone. Please note our telephone hours at the bottom of this page. This is phone hours only and not necessarily when we are replying to your orders or sending you proofs. We do take a little time off  now and then as we do need a rest. Email is always the best way to contact us. We monitor email, orders, and compose proofs while away our office phone. Email us before you call

What we need from you - Very important to process your order quickly !

1. Make sure the email you use is valid. Double check it if necessary. We do not send spam or any unwanted email.
2. We work long hours to get your QSL proofs emailed for you to review before printing. Once you receive that email and respond determines when your QSL card order is printed. If you have not received your proof within one business day, by all means email us.

1. Proofs Sent - Emails

Monday thru Sunday. This includes after normal business hours when we are available. Remember respond to those proof emails quickly. We do not work all day weekends or every weekend.

2. Printing & Cutting

Proofs approved are printed and cut on:
Monday , Wednesday and Thursday.
We do have a cut off time for approvals received prior to our print days. Approvals after that time are printed the next scheduled print day.

3. Boxing & Shipping

We ship twice a week. Wednesday and Friday. Sometimes this varies due to USPS holidays or other unforeseen matters. Once your QSL Priority Mail shipment is in USPS hands we have no control over delivery times to you.