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Accessories - K6RF Porta Base for the FT-817

 Style 817PB  Metal raised front base for the FT-817

FT817 Base FT817ND BASE If you own a Yaesue FT-817 you are well aware of the problem in viewing the small display of this transceiver. Our base will raise the front of the 817 up to a comfortable viewing angle. Our base has also been used with 2 meter transceivers. Check your 2m rigs size vs the 817 to see if it will work on your 2m rig before ordering. We have shipped this base all over the world in the last 7 years. A solid platform for your rig, yet light enough to take anywere.

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K6RF Porta-Base FT-817  817PB 16.99

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We have had this FT-817 base available for quite sometime now. It is made from 22 guage sheet metal and painted black to match current rig colors. The front is elevated enough so seeing the small display of the FT-817 is much easier. It has a padded foam deck which holds the rig in place. We have shipped these all over the world through the years. Many email us with modifications they have made to the base. One poplular one is adding a nicad battery holder under the base to switch in when the internal battery pack of the 817 goes low. We are so sure you will like our base we offer a money back within 30 days guarantee less shipping.

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