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 QSL Gift Certificates

QSL Gift CertificateNot sure which QSL the other fellow would like for a present ? These gift certificates are your answer. We have them for all our QSL styles. Shipping for the QSLs is added during the check out process. We can mail the gift certificate directly to the recipient or to you.

Please note: Enter your quantity below as 1 to order 100

Certificate Description Cost Quantity
Gift Certificate 100 Standard black ink QSLS 9.99
Gift Certificate 100 Deluxe black ink QSLS 14.99
Gift Certificate 100 Standard Color QSLS 24.99
Gift Certificate 100 Deluxe Color QSLS 28.95

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Ok so you know that a ham needs QSL cards and as you look over all the cards your just not sure which one he/she will like. The gift certificates will solve your worry and allow him/her to pick exactly what they like. Actually it is a better feeling knowing they get exactly what they want rather than hoping they like your choice.

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