Friday 4/8/16

Completed last minute printing and cutting this morning. Sue is packaging for shipment this afternoon. New proofs will be emailed for new online orders today.

Thursday 4/7/16

Starting third printing for the week this morning. Will make up new online order proofs to email as time permits. Sue is enjoying a day off and lunch with a friend today.


Sue is shipping orders which were printed and cut late yesterday. We also will be processing new online orders today.


We are in the process of transitioning to digital phone service. Our phone may be down for long periods though out the day. I will up date this when it is completed.

UPDATE: Our new digital phone service is now up and running.



Sue is packaging  all orders printed for shipment today. I will be doing some last minute printing this morning. We will also be processing new online orders and emailing proofs out today.

Monday 3/4/16

We will be emailing out proofs for online orders placed on Sunday today. I will start printing those who have approved their proofs.  We will ship on Tuesday so get those emailed proofs looked  over  and responded to.

Sunday 4/3/16

All order storage servers are back online with 10TB of networked storage available to us.
We have completed our work on our new networking system and will email proofs for online orders received while we were down yesterday.


Saturday 4/2/16

We are upgrading our network system in our office to a higher tier of security and speed. We will be unable to answer or respond to emails or acknowledge online orders off and on through the weekend. We hope to complete this project no later than Sunday afternoon and have all the bugs out by Monday morning. When possible we will send out proofs as we take a break from time to time.