Monday 10/19/15

Processing new QSL orders today. We will be shipping today also. New equipment allows us to be able to ship sooner than our old schedule so those who ordered and approved their proofs over the weekend do not have to wait as long.

Saturday 10/17/15

We will be processing new QSL orders through out the day. We will also be doing some equipment maintenance. Our office phone is closed today.

Friday 10/16/15

Sue is preparing to ship all printed orders this morning and this will be our final shipment for the week.

New orders will be answered and email proofs sent.

Thursday 1015/15

Completing our second QSL printing for the week. We will be cutting these and packaging today. New QSL orders will receive their email proof to review.

Wednesday 10/14/15

We are shipping today which involves packaging the QSLs safely in usps priority mail boxes and creating address labels. We will be making up proofs and emailing them for all new QSL orders.

Tuesday 10/13/15

Completing our first printing for this week. We will start cutting the sheets of QSLs and packaging also. All new QSL orders will be emailed proofs.

Monday 10/12/15

We are printing all approved email proofs this morning. We will also be processing new QSL orders and responding to email inquiries.